Turf-Tec Infrafred Turf Thermometer w/Laser

The Infrared Turf Thermometer is designed to quickly access turfgrass stress and eliminate potential damage and contamination. Easy to use. Simply pull the trigger, aim and the temperature is instantly displayed on the large bright amber LCD screen. No grass contact is required. Ideal for golf greens, athletic fields and artificial turf for safe play heat detection. Golf greens benefit by checking the canopy soil temperature on a green, monitoring hot spots and detecting a moisture deficit early before damage. The athletic field also benefits by checking canopy temperature to find hot spots that might require hand watering to make play more consistent on the field. Artificial grass temperature control is necessary to be sure the field is safe for play to protect the athletes. Features a minimum target range 1 inch out to 8 inches plus a large target range of 6 inches out to 4 feet. Range 76 to 932 degrees (-60 to 500 C). Requires 2 AAA batteries, included.
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