Single Conductors, Type UF

Single Conductors, Type UF - This type of wire is a general purpose, direct burial, product that is widely used on all kinds of irrigation systems. Available from 14 AWG up to 1/0 AWG. See specification number P7001D for available colors and stripes. Wires connecting the remote control valves to the irrigation controller shall be single conductors, type UF. Its construction incorporates a solid copper conductor and PVC insulation. The wires shall be UL® listed for direct burial in irrigation systems and be rated at a minimum of 30 VAC. Wire sizes and colors are defined in the irrigation plans and other specifications. Paige Electric Co., LP specification number P7001D Note: White wires (or white with different color stripes) should be used only as the "common". Green wire should not be used since this color is strictly reserved for the "equipment ground" of the power source. All other colors can be used as common or hot.
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