Automatic On-Board Battery Watering/Fill System

Never touch a battery or remove a cap again! This Automatic Watering System installs in just five minutes to eliminate the difficult task of maintaining battery water levels in golf carts and utility vehicles. This system consists of automatic shut-off valves mounted in each battery cell, interconnected with tubing. Multiple batteries are filled from a single connection. Eliminate the task for those hard to reach batteries. Top-off batteries in 30 seconds with a simple snap on/snap off quick coupler water connection to your filler hose. You cannot over-fill or under-fill the batteries! Save labor costs, prevent safety hazards and extend battery life. Materials are acid and temperature resistant. 5 year manufacturers warranty. This is the safest, easiest and most efficient way to water your batteries. Choose either the 6' hand squeeze bulb filler tube for a distilled water container or the 20' regulated supply hose with quick coupler, flow indicator and pressure regulator, to connect directly to a hose bib. Pumps sold separately.
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